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Riding the Tides: Exploring Omey Island on Two Wheels

Dive into the adventure of exploring Omey Island, accessible only at low tide, off the coast of County Galway, Ireland. Discover ancient ruins, breathtaking landscapes, and thrilling events that await motorcycle enthusiasts seeking a unique ride.
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point Omey Island, Connemara, Co. Galway Ireland
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point Omey Island, Connemara, Co. Galway Ireland

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey to Omey Island, nestled along the picturesque Sky Road Loop near Claddaghduff in County Galway. As motorcycle enthusiasts, we thrive on the thrill of the open road, but Omey Island offers a different kind of excitement – the opportunity to ride across vast sandy beaches and explore a hidden gem accessible only at low tide. So, let’s gear up and dive into the adventure of a lifetime as we uncover the secrets of Omey Island.

Arriving at Omey Island: Riding the Tides

As we make our way to Claddaghduff, the anticipation builds as we approach the vast beach that serves as the gateway to Omey Island. But here’s the catch – to reach the island, we must time our visit with low tide, when the sandy expanse reveals itself, creating a temporary bridge between the mainland and the island. Whether we choose to ride or walk across the beach, the journey to the island promises an unforgettable experience that will leave us in awe of nature’s wonders.

Exploring the Island: Unveiling Hidden Treasures

Once we arrive on Omey Island, it’s time to let our curiosity guide us as we explore its ancient ruins and stunning landscapes. From the 7th-century remnants of Teampaill Feichin to St. Feichin’s Holy Well, the island is steeped in history and mystery waiting to be uncovered. As we navigate its rugged terrain, we’ll encounter breathtaking views, serene beaches, and the remnants of a bygone era, reminding us of the island’s rich cultural heritage and significance.

Omey Island Events: Embracing Island Life

But the adventure doesn’t end there – The island is also home to a vibrant community and a calendar of events that celebrate its unique charm. From the exhilarating Omey Races, often referred to as “The other Galway Races,” to the scenic Omey Dash triathlon/duathlon, there’s always something exciting happening on the island. As we mingle with locals and fellow visitors, we’ll discover the true spirit of Omey Island – a place where tradition, culture, and community come together in harmony.

Here you can find Omey Island:

GVQ4+H2 Claddaghduff, County Galway


Q: How do you get to Omey Island? A: The island in Claddaghduff is accessible at low tide every day by motorcycle, car or on foot across the tidal strand. Be sure to check local tide timetables for the best time to visit.

Q: How long does it take to walk to Omey Island? A: It takes about 15 minutes to walk across the strand to the island. To explore the entire island, plan for approximately 2 to 3 hours of leisurely exploration.

Q: Does anyone live on Omey Island? A: While the island was once home to a population of over 400 people, it is now mostly uninhabited, with only seasonal holidaymakers visiting. The last permanent resident, Pascal Whelan, passed away in 2017.

Q: Are there accommodations available on Omey Island? A: Yes, there are various accommodation options on the island and in the nearby area. Many holiday homes are available for rent, and Clifden Eco Beach Camping & Caravanning Park offers a convenient camping option with its private beach.

Q: What are some must-see attractions on Omey Island? A: Don’t miss the 7th-century ruins of Teampaill Feichin, St. Feichin’s Holy Well, and the stunning landscapes and beaches that make the island a truly special destination for visitors seeking adventure and tranquillity alike.

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