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Exploring the Majestic Cliffs and Hidden Gems of Inishturk Island, County Mayo

Discover the rugged beauty of Inishturk Island, nestled off the coast of County Mayo, Ireland. From soaring sea cliffs to secluded beaches, this remote gem offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point, Inishturk Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point, Inishturk Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Image Copyright: ©Deborah Bennett / Fáilte Ireland

As bikers, we live for moments like these – the thrill of the open road, the promise of discovery around every bend. And there’s no better destination to satisfy our craving for adventure than Inishturk Island.

Welcome to Inishturk Island on the Wild Atlantic Way:

Rising boldly from the wild Atlantic Ocean, Inishturk Island beckons with its rugged coastline, majestic cliffs, and welcoming hospitality. This small island, nestled between Inishbofin and Clare Island, offers a glimpse into Ireland’s ancient past and natural wonders.

Getting There:

While the Island is not accessible by motorbike, you can easily reach it via passenger ferry from Roonagh Pier near Louisburgh, County Mayo. O’Grady’s Ferries operates a daily service to the island, ensuring convenient access to this hidden gem.

Exploring Inishturk Island:

Step ashore and prepare to be enchanted by the rugged beauty of the island. Start your journey by exploring the ruins of the old Napoleonic signal tower, perched atop the island’s highest point. From here, marvel at panoramic views that stretch from Achill to Connemara, capturing the essence of Ireland’s untamed coastline.

Outdoor Adventures:

Venture beyond the beaten path and hike across the sea cliffs to spectacular Dromore Head, where breathtaking vistas await. Dive into the clear blue waters or hire a boat to explore the neighbouring islands, immersing yourself in the natural splendour of the Atlantic Ocean.

Accommodation and Activities:

After a day of exploration, retreat to one of Inishturk’s family-owned B&Bs, where warm hospitality awaits. Spend your evenings soaking up the lively atmosphere at the community centre, where set dancing and creamy pints are the order of the day.


Experience the magic of Inishturk Island, where rugged landscapes and warm hospitality converge to create an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re captivated by the majestic cliffs or enchanted by the secluded beaches, this hidden gem promises a journey unlike any other.

Here you can find Inishturk Island:

PW45+9Q Inishturk, County Mayo


How do I get to Inishturk Island?

The island is accessible via passenger ferry from Roonagh Pier near Louisburgh, County Mayo. O’Grady’s Ferries operates a daily service to the island, providing convenient access for visitors.

What activities can I enjoy on Inishturk Island?

From hiking along the sea cliffs to exploring ancient ruins and diving into the clear blue waters, the island offers a wide range of outdoor adventures for visitors to enjoy.

Can I bring my motorbike to the island?

Unfortunately, motorbikes are not permitted on the island. However, you can securely park your bike at Roonagh Pier before boarding the ferry to the island.

What accommodation options are available on the Island? 

The Island offers a selection of family-owned B&Bs, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming stay for visitors. Additionally, the community centre provides a lively hub for socialising and entertainment.

Are there dining options available on Inishturk Island?

Yes, Inishturk boasts a vibrant community centre where visitors can enjoy traditional Irish fare and mingle with locals. From hearty meals to creamy pints, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on the island.

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