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Exploring County Donegal's Stunning Coastal Roads: Riding Through the Twisty Thrills of Mamore Gap

Discover the exhilarating twists and turns of the Gap of Mamore (An Mám Mór) in County Donegal, Ireland, as you ride along the rugged coastline of the Wild Atlantic Way. From panoramic vistas to mystical landmarks, this journey offers bikers an unforgettable experience filled with scenic beauty and cultural wonders.
Wild Atlantic Way Discover Point Gap of Mamore in county Donegal, Ireland
Wild Atlantic Way Discover Point Gap of Mamore in county Donegal, Ireland

Embarking on a motorcycle adventure through Ireland’s breathtaking landscapes is an experience. As you traverse the country’s winding coastal roads, you’ll uncover hidden gems and awe-inspiring vistas at every turn. One gem awaits you in County Donegal – the captivating Gap of Mamore (An Mám Mór). Join us as we dive into the thrill of exploring this rugged terrain on two wheels, immersing ourselves in its rich history, stunning landscapes, and thrilling twists and turns.

The Gap of Mamore:

Nestled within the Urris Hills of the Inishowen Peninsula, the Gap of Mamore offers motorcycle enthusiasts a challenging yet rewarding ride. This twisting, narrow road winds through the rugged landscape, providing panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the picturesque hillsides. Along the route, riders will encounter several holy relics, including the revered holy well of Saint Eigne. As the most notable point on the Inishowen 100 drive, the Gap of Mamore beckons adventurers seeking an unforgettable journey through Ireland’s wild beauty.

Things to See and Do:

  1. Scenic Viewpoints: After the descent, pause at the Grotto and the central car parks to soak in the breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscape. For the adventurous spirits, venture to Mamore Hill for a panoramic view, but exercise caution due to uneven terrain and steep drops.
  2. Holy Sites: Explore the sacred sites along the route, including the holy well of Saint Eigne and the grotto dedicated to Our Lady. These sites offer a glimpse into Ireland’s rich religious heritage and provide a tranquil space for reflection amidst the natural beauty.
  3. Magic Road: Experience the optical illusion of the “magic road” on the descent down the gap. While it may tempt you to test its mysterious powers, exercise caution as the busy road demands focus and attention.
  4. Nearby Attractions: Extend your adventure beyond the Gap of Mamore and explore the surrounding attractions. Lose yourself in the enchanting beauty of Glenevin Waterfall, uncover the history of Fort Dunree, or relax on the pristine beaches of Tullagh Strand and Pollan Strand.
  5. Malin Head: Conclude your journey with a visit to Malin Head, Ireland’s most northerly point and a highlight of the Inishowen Peninsula. Marvel at the rugged coastline and immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of this iconic landmark.

As you bid farewell to the Gap of Mamore and continue your motorcycle journey through County Donegal, carry the memories of exhilarating twists, breathtaking vistas, and moments of serenity amidst nature’s grandeur. Whether a seasoned rider or a novice adventurer, this wild coastal road promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you yearning for more.

Here you can find Gap of Mamore:

Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point @Gap Of Mamore


Q. How long is Mamore Gap? 

A. The entire length of the Gap of Mamore is approximately 2.53km, offering riders a thrilling yet manageable route through County Donegal’s stunning landscapes.

Q. Where are the viewpoints at Mamore Gap? 

A. Two primary viewpoints exist – the Grotto car park and the central car park after the descent. Additionally, adventurous riders can explore viewpoints from Mamore Hill, but caution is advised due to the terrain’s challenges.

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