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Embark on a Spiritual Journey Through the Scenic Vistas and Sacred Sites of Fál Mór

Falmore An Fál Mór in County Mayo, Ireland, offers bikers a unique blend of coastal vistas, sacred history, and natural wonders. Ride through panoramic views of Achill Island and explore ancient ruins, holy wells, and the mystical landscapes of the Tír Sáile Sculpture Trail.
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point An Fál Mór Falmore Mayo Ireland
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point An Fál Mór Falmore Mayo Ireland

Welcome, fellow bikers, to the enchanting landscapes of Falmore An Fál Mór, where every twist of the road unveils a new chapter in Ireland’s rich tapestry of history and spirituality. As we embark on this journey through the northwest reaches of County Mayo, we’ll discover breathtaking coastal views and the sacred sites and ancient legends that define this mystical land.

Falmore Fál Mór, nestled on the Mullet Peninsula (Irish: Leithinis an Mhuirthead)—also known as the Mullet (an Mhuirthead) and sometimes as the Erris Peninsula in northwest Mayo, Ireland, is a destination steeped in history and spirituality. From its panoramic vistas of Achill Island to its ancient ruins and holy wells, this discovery point along the Wild Atlantic Way promises a journey of discovery for bikers seeking the road less travelled.

Unveiling Falmore An Fál Mór:

As we navigate the winding roads towards Fál Mór, we’re greeted by the sight of Deirbhile’s Twist. This striking granite boulder sculpture marks the beginning of our adventure. Created as part of the Tír Sáile Sculpture Trail, this iconic landmark is a gateway to the sacred landscapes that lie ahead. With Achill Island looming on the horizon, we set out to explore the mysteries of Fál Mór.

Sacred Sites and Legends:

Our first stop is St. Deirbhile’s Well, a place of pilgrimage renowned for its healing waters and ancient rituals. Legend has it that those who pass through the narrow window of St. Deirbhile’s Church three times will be blessed with protection from drowning—a testament to the spiritual significance of this holy site. As we explore the church ruins and pay our respects at St. Deirbhile’s grave, we can’t help but feel the presence of centuries of faith and devotion.

Coastal Charms and Natural Wonders:

Amidst the sacred sites, Falmore also offers bikers the chance to soak in the natural beauty of its south-facing beach. With magnificent views of Achill Island and the Inis Gé islands, it’s the perfect spot to pause and reflect on the wonders of the Wild Atlantic Way. And if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse—or rather, hear the distinctive call—of the elusive corncrake. This shy bird migrates to Fál Mór from Africa each year.

Riding Through History: Embracing the Spirit of Fál Mór

As our journey through Falmore comes to a close, we’re left with memories of a landscape steeped in history, spirituality, and natural beauty. From the sacred sites of St. Deirbhile’s Well to the panoramic views of Achill Island, this hidden gem along the Wild Atlantic Way has captured our hearts and ignited our sense of wonder. So, fellow bikers, next time you’re exploring County Mayo, don’t forget to take the less travelled road and discover FFalmore’s mysteries.

Here you can find Falmore:

3WW7+6M Faulmore, County Mayo


Q: How long does it take to explore Fál Mór by motorcycle?

A: While the duration of your visit may vary, plan for at least a few hours to fully immerse yourself in the sights and history of Fál Mór.

Q: Are there facilities available for bikers at Fál Mór?

A: While amenities may be limited, parking areas and nearby establishments allow you to rest and refuel during your visit.

Q: Is it possible to visit Fál Mór year-round?

A: Yes, Fál Mór welcomes visitors throughout the year, but remember that weather conditions may vary, so be prepared for changing conditions, especially during the winter months.

Q: Are there guided tours available to explore Fál Mór?

A: While guided tours may not be shared, plenty of resources are available to help you navigate and learn about the history and significance of Fál Mór.

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