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Discover the Rich History and Breathtaking Scenery of Easky Pier

Embark on a thrilling motorcycle journey to Easky Pier in County Sligo, Ireland, where history meets natural beauty along the windswept shores. Ride along the cobbled path, soak in scenic views of Slieve League and Benbulbin Mountain, and explore the ancient ruins of Roslee Castle as you delve into the heart of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Points - Easkey Pier, County Sligo, Ireland
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Points - Easkey Pier, County Sligo, Ireland

Gear up and set off on an exhilarating motorcycle adventure to Easky Pier, a hidden gem nestled along the rugged coastline of County Sligo. From panoramic vistas to fascinating historical landmarks, join me as we explore the captivating beauty of this iconic discovery point from the saddle of our bikes.

Overview of Easky Pier: 

Located on the Atlantic coast of County Sligo, Easky Pier offers a captivating blend of natural wonders and cultural heritage. From the windswept cobbled path that leads to the edge of the pier, riders can admire breathtaking views of Slieve League, Benbulbin Mountain, and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Exploring the Historic Landmarks: As you navigate the coastal roads towards Easky Pier, prepare to be transported back in time as you pass by Roslee Castle, a 63ft stronghold built in 1207 for Oliver McDonnell. Despite the passage of centuries, the castle’s main body remains intact, offering a glimpse into Ireland’s medieval past and providing a picturesque backdrop for your motorcycle adventure.

The Route:

  1. Begin your journey at the village of Easky, where you can fuel up and prepare for the ride ahead.
  2. Follow the coastal road towards Easky Pier from here, taking in the stunning scenery and sea-scented air.
  3. Once at the pier, park your bike and take a leisurely stroll along the windswept promenade, pausing to admire the panoramic views and historic landmarks that dot the landscape.

Did You Know?: Easky derives its name from the Irish term “Iascaigh,” meaning “abounding in fish,” a testament to the area’s rich maritime heritage. In addition to its scenic beauty, Easky is a designated area on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way tourist route, making it a must-visit destination for motorcycle enthusiasts exploring the Emerald Isle.

Conclusion: As our motorcycle adventure draws to a close, take a moment to reflect on the sights, sounds, and sensations experienced along the way. From the windswept cliffs to the ancient castle ruins, Easky Pier offers a glimpse into Ireland’s rich history and natural beauty, making it a destination to be noticed for riders seeking adventure and exploration.

Here you can find Easky Pier:

Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point @Easky Pier


What is the history behind Roslee Castle? Built in 1207 for Oliver McDonnell, Roslee Castle is steeped in medieval history and serves as a symbol of Ireland’s rich heritage. Over the centuries, it has been home to the O’Dowd chieftains of Tireragh, offering a glimpse into the region’s feudal past and the lives of its noble inhabitants.

What landmarks can be found near Easky Pier? Near Easky Pier, riders can explore a variety of landmarks, including Roslee Castle, Rathlee Signal Tower, the Old Abbey and Graveyard, Easky Bridge, and Easky Courthouse. These historic sites provide insight into the area’s cultural and architectural legacy, making them must-visit destinations for history enthusiasts.

Are there any amenities available at Easky Village? Easky Village offers a range of amenities for visitors, including cafes, pubs, a general shop, a gift shop, a butcher, a hairdresser, a post office, a pottery shop, and a church. Additionally, the village is home to Coláiste Iascaigh, a local vocational school, and several primary schools, providing essential services for residents and visitors alike.

Can I access Easky Pier by motorcycle? Yes, Easky Pier is accessible by motorcycle, allowing riders to explore its scenic beauty and historic landmarks at their own pace. Whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure or joining a group ride, Easky Pier promises an unforgettable experience for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking adventure along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

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