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Cruise Through Achill's Coastal Beauty and History at Cloghmore Pier

Dive into the rich history and breathtaking vistas of Cloghmore Pier (An Chéibh Bheag), a Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point at the Grace OMalleys Castle, Kildavnet, Achill Island, Mayo. Join us on a motorcycle adventure as we explore the legendary Grace O’Malley’s castle, soak in panoramic views of the Atlantic, and uncover the secrets of this enchanting discovery point.
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point at Grace OMalleys Castle Kildavnet Cloghmore Pier Achill Island Mayo Ireland
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point at Grace OMalleys Castle Kildavnet Cloghmore Pier Achill Island Mayo Ireland

Embark on a motorcycle odyssey through the windswept landscapes of Ireland’s west coast and discover the hidden treasures that await at Cloghmore Pier (An Chéibh Bheag), a Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point at the Grace OMalleys Castle, Kildavnet on Achill Island, County Mayo. As bikers, we crave the freedom of the open road and the thrill of new adventures around every bend. Join us as we explore the rugged beauty and storied past of Achill Island’s most captivating landmark.

Exploring Cloghmore Pier:

Nestled on the southern shores of Achill Island, Cloghmore Pier beckons with its picturesque charm and rich maritime heritage. From its vantage point, bikers are treated to sweeping views of Grace O’Malley’s legendary castle to the north, a testament to the island’s storied past. As you stroll along the pier, you’ll catch glimpses of fishing boats bobbing gently in the harbour, a testament to the island’s thriving angling community.

Unravelling History at Grace O’Malley’s Castle:

Perched on the northern horizon, the imposing silhouette of Grace O’Malley’s castle at Kildavnet offers a glimpse into the island’s tumultuous past. This 15th-century tower house, shrouded in legend and lore, symbolises the indomitable spirit of Ireland’s legendary pirate queen. As you stand in the shadow of this historic stronghold, you can’t help but feel awe at the resilience and tenacity of those who once called these rugged shores home.

Soaking in Scenic Splendour:

But it’s not just history that draws bikers to Cloghmore Pier – it’s the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape. From the rugged cliffs that tumble into the Atlantic to the emerald hills that roll gently towards the horizon, Achill Island captivates with its untamed allure. Soak in the panoramic vistas, breathe in the fresh sea air, and let the beauty of this coastal paradise wash over you.


As the sun sets on our motorcycle adventure, we bid farewell to Cloghmore Pier with memories that will last a lifetime. From the echoes of history at Grace O’Malley’s castle to the panoramic views that stretch to the horizon, Achill Island’s hidden gem has left an indelible mark on our hearts. So gear up, fellow bikers, and embark on your own journey of discovery – for the road awaits, and adventure beckons.

Here you can find Cloghmore Pier:

Cloughmore Small Pier, Cé Bheag, Kildavnet, Achill, County Mayo, Ireland


Q: How do I get to Cloghmore Pier? A: The Pier is located south of Achill Island in County Mayo, Ireland. Simply follow the signs for Achill Island and head towards the southern coast to reach this picturesque discovery point.

Q: Is there parking available at Cloghmore Pier? A: Yes, parking facilities near the pier allow bikers to safely park their motorcycles and explore the area on foot.

Q: Can I visit Grace O’Malley’s castle at Kildavnet? A: While you can admire Grace O’Malley’s castle from Cloghmore Pier, access to the castle itself may be limited. However, guided tours and historical information are often available to provide insight into the castle’s fascinating history.

Q: What other attractions are nearby Cloghmore Pier? A: Besides Grace O’Malley’s castle, the pier is close to other notable landmarks, such as the ancient church and cemetery at Kildavnet, offering bikers ample opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Q: Are there any ferry services operating from Cloghmore Pier? A: Yes, the pier provides a ferry service to Clare Island, allowing bikers to explore this scenic island and its rich history. Departures are available on Wednesdays and Sundays, providing a convenient option for day trips or longer excursions.

Q: Can I engage in fishing activities at Cloghmore Pier? A: Yes, the pier is a popular spot for anglers. It offers ample opportunities for fishing enthusiasts to cast their lines and reel in the day’s catch amidst the stunning coastal scenery.

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