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Riding the Wild Atlantic Way: Discovering Claggan Island, County Mayo

Explore the tranquil beauty of Claggan Island, Mayo’s newest gem, tucked away in Blacksod Bay. Discover sandy beaches, stunning views, and a warm island welcome. Hop on your motorcycle and join the adventure along the Wild Atlantic Way.
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Points Claggan Island Mayo
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Points Claggan Island Mayo. Image ©Mayo North Tourism

Prepare for an island escapade like no other! Nestled along the rugged coastline of County Mayo lies Claggan Island, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by adventurous souls seeking the ultimate motorcycle journey. With its breathtaking vistas, sandy shores, and charming hospitality, the Island promises an unforgettable experience for bikers exploring the Wild Atlantic Way. So, saddle up and let’s dive into the wonders of this captivating destination.

Exploring Claggan Island: A little piece of paradise

As you embark on your journey along the Wild Atlantic Way, Claggan Island beckons with its serene beauty and remote charm. Located on the northeastern corner of Blacksod Bay, this picturesque island boasts a population of just eight people, offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Accessible via a narrow causeway, the Island invites bikers to explore its pristine beaches, rugged cliffs, and captivating landscapes.

Getting There: 

Nestled in the townland of Bunnahowen and parish of Kilcommon, the Island is approximately 12 kilometres from Belmullet. The island can be reached by a sandy causeway connecting it to the mainland, providing bikers easy access to this coastal paradise.

Island Adventures: Once you arrive, gear up for a day of exploration and discovery. Cruise along the sandy roads that wind through the dunes, or venture out on foot to stroll along the pristine beaches during low tide. With its panoramic views of Achill Island and the Mullet Peninsula, Claggan Island offers endless opportunities for bikers to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Ireland’s west coast.

Accommodations and Hospitality: After a day of adventure, unwind in the warm embrace of island hospitality. The Howard family, longtime residents of Claggan Island, welcome visitors with open arms, offering cosy accommodations and insider tips on the best places to explore. From luxury self-catering cottages to camping pods with ocean views, there’s something for every biker seeking a comfortable retreat amidst the rugged beauty of County Mayo.

Weathering the Elements: Claggan Island has endured its share of challenges, including the effects of climate change and severe weather events. Despite the occasional battering from the wild Atlantic waves, the resilient spirit of the islanders shines through, making the Island a testament to the enduring beauty of Ireland’s coastline.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Island is a testament to Ireland’s west coast’s untamed beauty and resilience. This hidden gem offers bikers an unforgettable adventure along the Wild Atlantic Way, from its sandy beaches to its welcoming community. So, hop on your motorcycle, embrace the open road, and discover the magic of Claggan Island.

Here you can find Claggan Island:

Claggan Island, Mayo, Ireland


Q: Can I bring my motorcycle onto Claggan Island? A: While motorcycles are not prohibited on the island, respecting local regulations and being mindful of the terrain is essential.

Q: Are there any accommodations available on Claggan Island? A: Yes, visitors can choose from a range of accommodations, including self-catering cottages and luxury camping pods, offered by the Howard family.

Q: What activities can I enjoy on Claggan Island? A: the Island offers a variety of activities, including beachcombing, hiking, birdwatching, and rock fishing. Remember to explore the scenic trails and stunning viewpoints.

Q: Is Claggan Island accessible year-round? A: While the island can be accessed throughout the year, it’s essential to check weather conditions and tidal schedules, especially during winter.

Q: Are there dining options available on Claggan Island? A: While no restaurants are on the island, visitors can enjoy self-catering options or explore dining establishments in nearby towns like Belmullet.

Q: Can I bring my pet to Claggan Island? A: Pets are welcome on the Island. Still, they must be kept leashed, and respecting the natural environment is essential.

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