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Exploring Blacksod Harbour: Coastal Charms and Lighthouse Views in County Mayo, Ireland

Blacksod Harbour (An Fód Dubh) in County Mayo, Ireland, offers bikers a glimpse into maritime history and coastal beauty. Ride along the winding roads to explore the working harbour, admire the views of Blacksod Bay, and soak in the charm of the iconic Blacksod Lighthouse.
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point Blacksod Harbour (An Fód Dubh) County Mayo Ireland
Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point Blacksod Harbour (An Fód Dubh) County Mayo Ireland

Welcome, fellow bikers, to the picturesque shores of Blacksod Harbour, where every road twist promises a new adventure. As we navigate the coastal highways of County Mayo, we’ll discover the hidden gems of this historic harbour, from its bustling pier to the majestic views of Achill Island. So, saddle up and join me as we embark on a journey to uncover the coastal treasures of Blacksod Harbour.

Blacksod Harbour (An Fód Dubh):

Blacksod Harbour, or An Fód Dubh, is a working harbour steeped in maritime history and natural beauty. From its iconic lighthouse to its panoramic views of Blacksod Bay and Achill Island, this discovery point along the Wild Atlantic Way offers bikers a scenic ride and a glimpse into Ireland’s coastal heritage.

Harbour Highlights:

As we approach Blacksod Harbour, the iconic lighthouse, standing tall against the backdrop of the bay, greets us. Built in 1864 and still operational, this historic landmark serves as a beacon for sailors navigating the rugged coastline. We park our motorcycles and stroll along the pier, soaking in the sights and sounds of the bustling harbour.

Island Adventures:

Blacksod Harbour is not just a point of departure; it’s also the gateway to adventure. Ferries departing from the harbour offer access to the remote island of Inishkea South, where visitors can explore ancient ruins, sandy beaches, and untouched landscapes. As we watch the ferries come and go, we’re reminded of the endless possibilities that await us on the open sea.

Scenic Views and Coastal Charm:

From the vantage point of An Fód Dubh, we’re treated to sweeping views of Blacksod Bay and beyond. The tranquil waters shimmer in the sunlight, inviting us to linger and take in the beauty of the natural surroundings. To the south, Achill Island rises majestically from the horizon, its rugged cliffs and sandy beaches a testament to the untamed allure of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Riding Into the Sunset: Embracing Coastal Beauty

As our journey through An Fód Dubh draws to a close, we’re filled with gratitude for the coastal beauty and maritime heritage that surround us. From the historic lighthouse to the panoramic views, this hidden gem along the Wild Atlantic Way has captured our hearts and inspired us to explore further. So, fellow bikers, until next time, ride safe and embrace the spirit of adventure.

Here you can find Blacksod Harbour:

3WXQ+M6 Blacksod, County Mayo


Q: Can I visit Blacksod Lighthouse during my visit?

A: While Blacksod Lighthouse is not open to the general public, you can still admire its historic beauty from the harbour and surrounding areas.

Q: Are there opportunities for wildlife spotting at Blacksod Harbour?

A: Yes, keep an eye out for seabirds, dolphins, and even the occasional seal, especially during the quieter hours of the day.

Q: Are there amenities available at Blacksod Harbour for bikers?

A: While amenities may be limited, there are nearby establishments where you can rest, refuel, and enjoy a meal or refreshments during your visit.

Q: How often do ferries depart from Blacksod Harbour to Inishkea South?

A: Ferry schedules may vary depending on the season, so it’s best to check with local operators for the latest departure times and availability information.

Q: Is there parking available for motorcycles at Blacksod Harbour?

A: There are designated parking areas near the harbour where you can safely park your motorcycle while exploring the area

Members Tip: Make sure you do the loop out by Glosh view point, stunning views.

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