Wild Atlantic Way Route Guide & Atlas: The essential guide to driving Ireland’s Atlantic coast

Explore Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way with Yvonne Gordon’s Wild Atlantic Way Route Guide & Atlas. Divided into 16 scenic drives, the guide offers one-day itineraries from Kinsale to Muff, with detailed maps and insider tips. Authored by award-winning travel writer Yvonne Gordon, this essential resource promises an unforgettable journey along Ireland’s stunning coastline.


Experience the wonder of the Wild Atlantic Way, boasting the title of the world’s longest-defined coastal route. Spanning from Ireland’s southern gem, Mizen Head in Cork, to its northern frontier, Malin Head in Donegal, this journey promises awe-inspiring scenic views at every turn.

Yvonne Gordon’s guide to Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way offers a comprehensive and updated resource for travelers looking to explore this iconic coastal route. Divided into 16 easy-to-follow scenic drives, the guide spans from Kinsale in south Cork to Muff in the far north of the island. Each drive is designed to be completed comfortably in one day and is accompanied by detailed information on mileage, directions, discovery points, and additional attractions. Illustrated with photographs and supported by generous fold-out maps, the guide provides practical features such as route planning maps and distance charts. Authored by award-winning travel writer Yvonne Gordon, who regularly explores the Wild Atlantic Way, this guide combines expertise with firsthand experience, ensuring an enriching and unforgettable journey for travellers.

Key Features about Yvonne Gordon’s guide to Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way:

  1. Overview of the Guide: Yvonne Gordon provides an essential guide to Ireland’s epic coastal driving route, the Wild Atlantic Way.
  2. Revised and Updated Edition: The guide is newly revised and updated, ensuring the information is current and accurate.
  3. Divided into Drives: The route is divided into 16 easy-to-follow scenic drives, starting from Kinsale in south Cork and ending at Muff in the far north of the island.
  4. One-Day Drives: Each drive is designed to be comfortably completed in one day, making it convenient for travelers.
  5. Comprehensive Information: Information includes mileage, directions, official discovery points, and additional attractions along the way.
  6. Illustrated with Photographs: The guide includes photographs to illustrate the text, enhancing the reader’s experience.
  7. Fold-Out Maps: Generous fold-out maps are provided, which can be used to follow the guided route or design custom itineraries.
  8. Handy Features: The guide includes 31 fold-out maps, highlights official discovery points, offers additional recommendations and tips, and provides route planning maps for the national road network.
  9. Author’s Expertise: Yvonne Gordon is an award-winning travel writer with extensive experience exploring Ireland. She regularly contributes to publications worldwide and has authored other travel guides about Ireland.
  10. Continual Exploration: Based in Dublin, Yvonne Gordon explores the Wild Atlantic Way regularly, always finding something new and fascinating on each journey.

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