Motorcycle Touring: Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way by Chris Hardy

Motorcycle Touring Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. Experience the Wild Atlantic Way through the eyes of the adventurous traveller Chris Hardy. Discover Ireland’s stunning beauty, warm hospitality, and unexpected surprises in this candid and insightful book.


When I first conceived this book, I toyed with the idea of naming it the “You Do Know You Will Get Wet” tour – perhaps a tad melancholic, but it brought a smile to my face. However, I ultimately scrapped this witty title; it was just too easy a target. People often lament Ireland’s rain, overlooking the fact that it’s this very rain that adds to its breathtaking beauty. During our journey along the Wild Atlantic Way, we only encountered rain twice, and neither time did it dampen our spirits. Besides, if you’re truly bothered by rain, why own a motorbike in the first place? As for the cliché about Irish friendliness, it’s absolutely true. If you’re seeking a detailed itinerary and must-see destinations, this book isn’t for you. While it does mention some places and outlines our own tour, yours will undoubtedly be different. Yet, one thing remains constant – you’ll return home awestruck by Ireland’s beauty and the warmth of its people. Oh, and a final note: the paperback edition features black and white photos to keep costs down, but the Kindle edition boasts vibrant colour images. After all, why splurge on a book when you can experience the sights firsthand? So, don’t miss out on this incredible road trip – trust me, it’s one for the books.

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