Exploring Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way: A travel guide to the west coast of Ireland

Discover the wonders of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way with the second edition of “Exploring Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.” Packed with stunning photos, helpful maps, and detailed insights, this essential guide is perfect for weekend adventurers and international travellers alike, offering a comprehensive exploration of the breathtaking scenery and hidden gems along the west coast of Ireland.


The second edition of “Exploring Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way” is a must-read for anyone planning a trip to Ireland’s Atlantic coast. Whether you’re seeking weekend adventure ideas or traveling from abroad, this guide has you covered. Spanning 2500km, the Wild Atlantic Way offers breathtaking scenery along Ireland’s west coast. This book focuses on outdoor exploration, encouraging readers to embrace the elements and soak in the natural beauty. Packed with stunning photos, useful maps, and detailed information, it highlights both famous landmarks and hidden gems along this awe-inspiring route.

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