Ireland Touring Map


Experience the beauty of Ireland like never before with our large, vibrant full-colour map, meticulously detailing the entire road network while shining a spotlight on key tourist attractions.

Designed with your touring needs in mind, this map boasts a convenient touring scale of 7.5 miles to 1 inch (1:475,200), ensuring you navigate with ease. Explore over 20 categories of tourist information thoughtfully illustrated on the map, accompanied by a comprehensive index of place names and points of interest.

Discover the charm of Ireland with:

  • Detailed coverage of all classified and most minor roads
  • Clear depiction of railway networks and ferry routes
  • Highlights of scenic viewpoints and sandy beaches
  • Insights into speed enforcement zones and safety camera locations
  • An index encompassing 20 categories of tourist delights
  • Notable landmarks such as castles, historic houses, enchanting gardens, pristine beaches, and lush golf courses.

Embark on your Irish adventure fully equipped with our enriching map, your guide to unforgettable experiences across the Emerald Isle.